Mark making in textile art published 2013 by Batsford, London and co-published by Interweave in the US as Mark Making: Fresh inspiration for Quilt and Fiber Artists. The US version has the same content with a different (soft) cover.

Recently reprinted, my book is available via bookshops or online.

In my first book I sought to share the ideas, places and techniques that have inspired and underpinned my textile art and teaching since the 1990s. Developing my personal creative voice by making and exhibiting textile art has enriched my life in so many ways and I seek to share this and inspire others to take a individual route. My book is aimed at creative souls; working alone, in a group or as part of a formal course. So whether you are just starting out on your creative life and journey, or you are some years along the road, I hope to inspire you to explore marks and mark making and to take your personal  creative work further.

My art is deeply rooted in landscape, reflecting my original training in geography, geology and archaeology. I also draw strongly on the textile history of England, notably the traditional wholecloth quilting of the North East and eighteenth century calico  printing. I often work with the simplest of marks, such as running stitch or knots, to create graphic and serene works. My book explains many of the hand and machine stitch techniques I have used, I include exercises to encourage exploration of mark making and drawing. The text is illustrated with many photographs of my inspiration, images of my working samples and creative process, as well as finished art works.

I live in Northern Britain, near to the Peak District National Park. The Peak offers me a glorious variety of inspiring landscapes which have been shaped and marked by settlement, lead mining, textile production, quarrying and other human activities over millennia. Walking in all weathers, through distinctive British landscapes and along coastlines has deepened my understanding of their evolution, complexities and subtleties. My ever deepening knowledge and understanding of landscapes and the seasons is key to my work.