In these days of cold, still silence it is often easier to stay in my warm studio. Once settled I find myself sorting out the piles and boxes around me. To my surprise, I find several forgotten pieces which are only a few stitches away from completion.

IMG_2163I spend happy hours finishing and stretching a couple of small pieces, then hang them on the wall. Inspired and energised I look a bit deeper and find all sorts of riches. I complete a second piece from my Bradford Textile Archive project. Over the week I complete more samples, filing papers and projects as I go, working at an increasing pace with more energy.

I begin to think more about these clearing processes. I observe that I am doing the following:

  • Archiving samples, textiles and paperworks for future use
  • Filing artistic and business items for future reference
  • Recycling and rehoming fabrics, threads and furniture to clear and organise my space
  • Finishing off, stretching and framing textile works for exhibition and sale

I find all these processes joyful. I have let go of projects I know I will not complete. In doing so I have clarified my aims and focus for the year. The bonus is a bigger and more effective workspace to support me to realise my aims.