I have drawn together some of my inspiration, ideas and techniques into a book: Mark-making in textile art. More details

From time to time I have also written articles including:

  • ‘Inspiration from an 18th century fabric’.The Quilter Summer 2017, No.151.
  • Relics, March 2016, Journal of the Pascack Historical Society, New Jersey, US.
  • ‘Challenging Conversations’. The Quilter, Summer 2010 No. 124: professional development project.
  • ‘Spotlight – Studio life’ The Quilter, Autumn 2002 No. 92: working in city centre studio group.
  • ‘Why Quilt’. Popular Patchwork, June 2000 : exploring why I quilt.

Helen’s work has been featured in various books and magazines including:

  • Embroidery, November 2002, Ian Wilson ‘Stitches, circles and squares’
  • Fiberarts, December 2000, Ian Wilson ‘The ties that bind’
  • Quilt Art, Moving On, Catalogue 2000
  • Crafts Magazine, March/April 1998
  • The Art Quilt, Robert Shaw, 1998
  • Northern Earth Mysteries Journal, 1998
  • Quilt Art, New Work, Catalogue, 1996
  • New Wave Quilt Collections II, Setsuko Segawa, Catalogue, 1992 US/Japan
  • Quilting, Dorothy Osler, Merehurst,1990.